हङकङ : सीडब्लुसीसी (CWCC) मा भर्ना खुल्यो…

हङकङ विज्ञापन: सीडब्लुसीसी (CWCC) मा भर्ना खुल्यो……

【Admission Open for 23/24 (S1-S4)】

🇳🇵Nepalese are shining bright at CWCC 🇳🇵
Caritas Wu Cheng-chung Secondary School is a multicultural school
located in Pok Fu Lam. Our students come from 17 different countries and about 10% are from Nepal.We are honoured to be able to provide you with high-quality education. Throughout these years, Nepalese students have had outstanding achievements in their studies, sports, extracurricular activities, etc., and some are leaders in our school.

【Admission Open for 23/24 (S1-S4)】

🏫Tailor-Made School Visit 🏫
Registeration: https://www.cwcc.edu.hk/?page_id=11274&lang=en

4-minute Virtual School Tour

【Frequently Asked Questions】

1. What is the cost of tuition at CWCC ? 💰
We are an aided Secondary School in Hong Kong. No School fee is required.

2. Does CWCC offer school bus service for students? 🚌
Yes. Starting from 22/23 academic year, students can board the FREE school bus at Wan Chai MTR Station, Central Pier and Wah Fu Estate and go to school. 🚌

3. How many scholarships are available each year? 👏🏻
We offer various types of scholarship including academic, sports and technology. CWCC awards $700,000 in scholarship annually.

4. How big are your classes? 🏫
We offer small classes to our students.
Language Subjects: 10-15 / Electives: 8-12 /Other Subjects: 15-20

5. What is the medium of instruction in Class? 🏫
All classes (27 subjects) are conducted in both Chinese and English. We also offer IGCSE and GCE A-level for NCS students.

6. Is there any Cantonese extra learning program for NCS students?
Apart from offering IGCSE and GCE A-level, we cooperate with the University of Hong Kong and NGOs to provide innovative and effective Chinese, Cantonese and Chinese History curricula.



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